The “Tavola planetaria” of Expo Tour will stop in Naples with Ecozema

After Bologna, the “Tavola planetaria” of Expo Tour will stop in Naples: on November 17 in Lungomare liberato, at Rotonda Diaz, starting from lunch time can be tested free of charge the specialties’ of Naples cuisine and of the different ethnic groups present in town, from traditional Mediterranean menu to those from five different world areas – China, Pakistan, Senegal, Morocco, Ukraine, Costa d’Avorio – all served with the compostable and biodegradable catering from Ecozema.
The table became a symbol of the meeting between the territory and the ethnic group present: a positive image of gathering and dialog. During the main event, will be presented the menu of the ancient di Pompei cuisine, together with spettacles, exhibition and theatre plays taking place between November 11 and 20th. For more info.