Smart Life, great food and attention to the environment: Ecozema® at the GGD in Trieste.

Girl Geek Dinner Ad

Girl Geek Dinners is an international organization that unites all women who are passionate about technology, web and new media. The key moments are the theme dinner parties organized to meet, exchange ideas and make a network among the people who shares the same interests.
“Smart Life: how digital technology is improving our lives” is the theme of the next Girl Geek Dinner Nordest, which will take place on Friday 13 June, at the Impact Hub headquarters in Trieste. Several female professionals and businesswomen who are creating new roles and spaces for the industry will participate.
At a Smart Life themed dinner party, it was a must to take a smarter approach even when it came to organize everything to the detail. This is why the dinner will be served on our biodegradable and compostable tableware included in our Design Food line.

The event will take place in collaboration with State of The Net, a worldwide reference yearly event about digital trends and web, taking place in June. Here are the links in Italian for the schedule and registration. Follow the updates with #ggdne9.