Ra Valles: A Mountain Shelter chooses Sustainability

ra-valles 300x226Starting from this Winter season 2014/2015, Ra Valles Shelter, located in the heart of The Dolomites, at 2475m of altitude, uses Ecozema’s biodegradable and compostable tableware: plates, bowls, cutlery and drinking cups, which, after their use should be disposed of with the organic waste and then sent to industrial composting facilities.

On the tables of Ra Valles Shelter, also a must-go to place to savor the traditional mountain dishes, there are informative booklets that illustrate the shelter’s sustainable choice and our products’ virtuous cycle.

In order to admire the evocative landscape of Cortina d’Ampezzo, in the heart of The Dolomites, it is necessary to take Tofana’s cable car Freccia nel Cielo. Its itinerary offers an incredible view over the area included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites‘ list. Therefore, it makes us responsible for its proper conservation.

Prevention, separate waste collection and recycling of products coming from the large number of tourists that visit one of the greatest attractions in The Dolomites are an essential aspect to keep in mind to maintain the area clean and its natural habitat unchanged.

The disposal of Ecozema products is more flexible and time is optimized as waste separation is not required – all products are disposed of with the organic waste. In addition to this, the use of water and detergents are reduced.