Lower greenhouse gas emissions during Ingeo manufacture

Pla-per-sito-2sfondiNatureWorks, American manufacturer of corn-derived Ingeo™ P.L.A. biopolymers, released the first findings of its updated eco-profile for its naturally advanced family of Ingeobiopolymers.

P.L.A. – thanks to its transparency – is mostly used to manufacture drinking cups and take-away containers but due to its low resistance to high temperatures (max 50°C), it is only used for cold beverages and food.

The chart below compares the greenhouse gas emissions (including biogenic carbon uptake in the case of Ingeo) for Ingeo manufacture with the emissions resulting from the manufacture of a number of different polymers produced in the US and Europe using the latest available industry assessments for each. The numbers represent the totals for the first part of the life cycle of the polymers, starting with fossil or renewable feedstock production up to and including the final polymerization step.


Production Greenhouse Gas Emissions Including Biogenic Carbon Uptake (Data on EU production from Plastics Europe. Data on US production from American Chemistry Council.)