For a shared vision about eco-innovation: the EREP Manifesto

‹‹ We are in need of innovation: the current production and consumption processes are not sustainable. We must change them. By 2030, three billion middle-class consumers will join us Europeans in a higher quality of life. These are good news but resources, some of which are already depleted, will suffer. Nonetheless, we know how to act in order to change this tendency››.

These are the words with which the Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik, in a recent statement, stressed the need of a shared vision of eco-innovation challenges within the EU.

The European Resource Efficiency Platform (EREP) is the tool Potočnik has created, together with stakeholders from all sectors, to transition toward a resource-efficient economy and society.

Here follows the Manifesto including the guidelines for policy makers and companies that wish to undertake the European road towards eco-innovation.

Download the Manifesto & Policy Recommendations of EUROPEAN RESOURCE EFFICIENCY PLATFORM (EREP).