Ecozema technical partner of “I Primi d’Italia”

Ecozema and Novamont are technical partner of “ I Primi d’Italia”, a National Festival dedicated to the world of entrée dishes that take place in the historic center of Foligno (PG) and it is the XIV edition. Flavor villages, cooking class, important chef, exhibition and markets, , big name, typical and excellence products for four days in the name of pasta, rice, gnocchi and soups. The 2012 editions will have has main issue the ECOFESTIVAL: also this year the single use tableware, compostable and biodegradable, that thousands of visitors will use to taste the variety of the most loved dishes by Italians will be supplied by Ecozema and Novamont with the cooperation of P.G.S. sas, local Ecozema distributors. For all information of this event: