Ecozema, Partner of Cucinare 2015: 14-17 February 2015 at Pordenone Fair

Aftercucinare_300x226 the great success of the first two editions of Cucinare: Per piacere, per Mestiere, Cooking: For Pleasure, For a Living, the 3rd edition of the Food & Wine and Technology for the Kitchen Exhibition is coming and will be held at Pordedone Fiere  from 14th to 17th of February 2015.

Our biodegradable and compostable catering tableware will take part in all the events that will take place during the Exhibition:  workshops, book presentations, cooking lessons and authentic cooking shows held by some of the best Chefs worldwide.

Stars Cooking will be an event dedicated to the International Food & Wine industry where Michelin-starred Chefs, new rising stars and TV cooking shows Celebrities will take part in in front of visitors passionate about cooking and eager to learn new tips and tricks of the trade.

Before these events, during the four days of Cucinare 2015, our biodegradable and compostable tableware line will be presented and explained to the public.

By choosing Ecozema as a Partner, Pordenone Fair renews their commitment to reducing the environmental impact of the Exhibition: after all tastings, our biodegradable and compostable plates, bowls, drinking cups and cutlery will be disposed of into the organic waste bins together with food scraps.

All details and programme of Cucinare 2015, is here. Don’t miss it!