Ecozema and Unesco for “Note di Sostenibiltà” (Sustainable Notes)

Saturday, 23th June 2012 from 6p.m. to 12p.m.

Palazzo Zorzi (Castello 4930, Venezia)

“Note di Sostenibilità” (Sustainable Notes) is the cultural proposal of the UNESCO Venice office for ART NIGHT VENEZIA 2012 – event created by Venice Ca’ Foscari University cooperating with Venetian  cultural institutions:

“Dialogues on ecological footprint”: together with Alessandro Galli, scientific responsible for Mediterranean area of Global Footprint Network, and Eriberto Eulisse, director of International Centre for Water Civilization, who will dialogue with people, explaining the theory of Ecological Footprint. From 9.30p.m. to 11.00p.m. will be performed for the first time the “La Sinfonia delle Dolomiti”, arranged and performed by the guitar player Alberto Grollo, together with Five Strings Quartet and keyboard player Piero Brovazzo. The final drink will be served on biodegradable and compostable cups provided by Ecozema. For more info