Ecomondo: International Trade Fair of Sustainable Development

ecomondoFrom 5th to 8th November 2014, Ecomondo Trade Fair will take place in Rimini, Italy.  It is the platform of reference for the Mediterranean basin dedicated to the principal European and international strategies for ecological innovation and the transformation of waste into a resource.

An entire hall will be dedicated to the bio-based industry, where you will find us at Hall D1- Stand n. 001.  All of Ecozema products will be displayed and our staff will be pleased to show you our latest products.

For instance, we will present the first Mater-Bi® food wrapping paper which can be disposed of with organic waste and then be sent to industry composting facilities to become fertile humus.

Ecomondo is the most extensive showcase in the whole of the Mediterranean area where the most efficient technical solutions for the correct management and exploitation of waste in all its forms are on display. From 5th to 8th November 2014, at the Rimini Fair, the main companies and actors of the field will be present,  together with national and international scientific and political experts from the bio-based industry.


Lower greenhouse gas emissions during Ingeo manufacture

Pla-per-sito-2sfondiNatureWorks, American manufacturer of corn-derived Ingeo™ P.L.A. biopolymers, released the first findings of its updated eco-profile for its naturally advanced family of Ingeobiopolymers.

P.L.A. – thanks to its transparency – is mostly used to manufacture drinking cups and take-away containers but due to its low resistance to high temperatures (max 50°C), it is only used for cold beverages and food.

The chart below compares the greenhouse gas emissions (including biogenic carbon uptake in the case of Ingeo) for Ingeo manufacture with the emissions resulting from the manufacture of a number of different polymers produced in the US and Europe using the latest available industry assessments for each. The numbers represent the totals for the first part of the life cycle of the polymers, starting with fossil or renewable feedstock production up to and including the final polymerization step.


Production Greenhouse Gas Emissions Including Biogenic Carbon Uptake (Data on EU production from Plastics Europe. Data on US production from American Chemistry Council.)




From 23rd to 27th October, all on board the Ark of Taste and sustainability in Turin!

salone del gusto 300x2262014 is the year of the 10th Edition of the Salone del Gusto and the 10th anniversary of Terra Madre.

In 1996, Slow Food organized the first event entirely dedicated to food and minor top quality food production companies.



Ecozema New Catalogue is Online: all product lines and more news

Ecozema catalogueThere are many ways to help make the world we live in a better place. We chose some of them:

first and foremost, to make our products with biodegradable and compostable biopolymers, deriving from renewable vegetable resources.

Ecozema® was the first company worldwide to launch cutlery which was Ok-Compost-certified according to EN13432. Now, we are at the third generation of biodegradable and compostable cutlery.

Ecozema® cutlery, plates, bowls, trays and cups represent a valid alternative to plastics, as they offer the same characteristics but carry an important sustainability value.

All our lines of products are present in our new bilingual Catalogue, and is viewable and downloadable. Here we tell our story, our choices and goals, the raw material we use and their environmental certifications.

Biodegradable and compostable single-use products are available for catering, and parties and now, we also have a new retail line.

Our new Design Food line is ready for you to set the table with style, as well as our trays for stand-up parties, and ice cream products.

Thanks to organic recycling in composting, Ecozema® will be able to return to nature: the compost obtained will fertilize the land where other plants will grow and from which other raw materials will be derived. It is a virtuous cycle, from nature to nature, that once completed uses less non-renewable resources, less energy and less CO2.

There are many ways to help our planet become a better place to live in. We chose some of them, now you too have the chance to make a choice as well.


Ecozema takes the field with the Nazionale Italiana Design 2014

Nazionale Italiana DesignItaly is out of the World Cup but there is another Italian National Team that trains every day to represent Italy in the world of furniture, design and communication: the Nazionale Italiana Design 2014, the Italian National team of Design 2014.

During World Cups, the houses of Italians always undergo a transformation. This is why  11 under 35 creatives will design products that will interpret how supporters and houses usually change during the matches. (altro…)