Assembly of Italian Alpine Troopers 2014

foto-logo-alpiniFrom 9 to 11 May 2014, Pordenone will welcome more than 450.000 people in occasion of the 87th Assembly of Italian Alpine Troopers with this year’s theme: “The Alpine Troopers: a model for Italy”.

The Assembly is sponsored not only by local authorities but also by companies, like ours, that share the same values as this beloved group of troopers and contribute to the organization of such a huge event.

This year’s edition, in particular, is the beginning of a new eco-friendly path: the Assembly’s Organizational Committee chose a greener approach and decided to use Ecozema’s compostable tableware made of Mater-Bi®, the bioplastic which contains vegetable components.

Plates, cups and cutlery will be disposed in organic waste containers, simplifying the organizers’ waste collection and improving the entire waste collection system. Moreover, this type of solution becomes a must especially for large Assemblies like these where participants are numerous as well as the amount of waste produced.

Trento’s Municipality issued an order where all providers of food and beverages in the restaurant halls and food points throughout the city must utilize single-use biodegradable materials.

In order to support the participants, a group of a 100 young men and women, named “Angels of Recycling” will have the task to welcome, educate and inform the Assembly’s guests on how to properly collect waste. They will also watch the area and co-operate during the waste collection in the city center.

With the intention to safeguard the environment and the beauty of the city of Pordenone, every aspect of the organization promotes the participation and appreciation of the territory’s resources: from cultural to naturalist resources, from businesses and handicraft activities to touristic associations.

For more information on the schedule, visit the event’s Official Website, where you can also download a Guide, an App and follow the official hashtag #alpiniadunata2014.