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Re as “Respect“. Respect for the world we live in, for the people who live there and for those who will be. This is our guiding principle, all of our ideas come from this. We think that today we can’t delay any longer our efforts to save our planet. Today we have the technologies, the know-how and the knowledge that enable us to act. We have already heard too many words, we have decided to act concretely to be part of a changing that we hope could soon become a green revolution.

Re as “Reduce”. This is the point from we have to start in order to reach our simple but complex target: reducing as much as possible our impact on the world. Specifically we intend to reduce the use of non renewable sources and the overall energy amount required by our activities. The use of post consumer recycled plastics goes this way, since it helps to use less non renewable sources and requires less energy to obtain it.

Re as “Recycle”. To recycle the waste that otherwise would be disposed in landfill or incinerator. This is the main added value of Re-Zema. All of our products are entirely made by recycled plastics coming from the separated waste collection. Bottles, other liquid containers, caps, fruit boxes and many other items come to new life inside our products.

Re as “Re-Think”. To re-think all our actions from the point of view of environmental and social sustainability. This is our challenge, making our everyday acts become a wide amount of efforts to help the environment. Our commitment is not visible only in our products but in every aspect of the company that is constantly analyzed to improve step by step.

Re as “Re-Design”. To embrace the eco-design concepts. First of all recycled materials but also less materials. We try to realize mono-material products and we try to give clear instructions to explain how to dispose both the product and its packaging in order to help the recycling at the end of their life. The packaging is reinvented in order to be reduced and we use only biodegradable materials to be composted with organic foods or paper to be recycled.