Defra’s report says that “oxo-degradable plastics should be incinerated”

Here following is an abstract from a news published on : “The Co-operative is to drop oxo-degradable plastic bags after a Defra study found they fail to make packaging more environmentally friendly. The study, published yesterday, found that plastics that incorporate additives to accelerate degradation were potentially damaging to the recycling stream and should be incinerated after use – while landfill was the secondbest option. Defra environment minister Dan Norris called on packaging manufacturers and buyers to drop claims that oxodegradable plastic packaging was more environmentally friendly than other types of plastic packaging following the report’s publication. The Co-operative has said it will not be using oxo-degradable plastic in its carrier bags in the future as a result of the research, which also concluded that the current use of the term “biodegradable” is “virtually meaningless”.”

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