7 tons of CO2 already saved thanks to our cooperation with AzzeroCO2

Thanks to the help of AzzeroCO2 (www.azzeroco2.it) we have already saved almost 7 tons* of CO2 emissions caused by manufacturing and distributing our Re-Zema products. The compensation is made using the VER certificates (Verified Emission Reduction). We are involved in a project created by FIPER (Italian Federation of Renewable Energy Suppliers) and supported by AzzeroCO2. Specifically the project is a biomass district heating in Valtellina (Italy). You can find more information about this project on the attached Progetto Offset Valtellina or visit the website of AzzeroCo2 www.azzeroco2.it

* do you want to know how we calculate the total amount on CO2? Write us an email at webmaster@zemaonline.com