Ecozema proud sponsor of “La Ciaspolada”

Ecozema will be a proud sponsor of “La Ciaspolada” 2010 that will be held in Val di Non, Trentino, Italy, on the 5th and 6th of January. “ La Ciaspolada” ( is certainly the most particular sporting event among the winter sports organized in Trentino. It has got the highest success as regards thenumber of competitors, in fact in the first edition there were 18 competitors and in the 30 they were 6.337. The unbelievable success of “la Ciaspolada” due to two factors: ▫ It has been the first one in its kind in Europe that allows the competitors to race with snow-shoes (ciaspole in NonValley dialect). ▫ The ability and the availability of the organizers are the second reason. The massive number of competitors and the particular proposal of the competition were initially the source of the great success it obtained in Italy and in the world. In fact the competition had numerous registrations in 2003 from Austria, Germany, Swiss, USA and Centre, East of Europe. During the competition the Ecozema products will be used for food and drink. This will contribute to lower the environmental impact of this sport event. A sustainable choice for a more sustainable world.